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I am a former Biologist turned High School Science teacher turned HR Coordinator, turned Transplant Donor Coordinator, twenty-something (Yikes, I’m in my 3rd decade now!),  living in the beautiful city of Seattle, and figuring out how to operate from a whole new paradigm in the wake of a fairly large shift in my theological/metaphysical thinking.

I grew up having most of the answers to life provided for me by the Evangelical Christian faith of my family, which I shared for the first quarter century of my life. I didn’t have reason not to. How it happened, exactly, that my mind finally wandered its way out of this mostly good and pleasant, if somewhat intellectually dissonant existence, is a complex, multifaceted story that I will save for another day.

For now, I will just tell you that this blog is a little bit about that journey out, and a lot about living life now, in the aftermath, with all of its new questions, convictions and realizations. It is a place away from the complications of real life and relationships; a place where I can be honest about what I am thinking and feeling and process “aloud” all these new ideas I am considering; a place where I can even point out the good in the midst of it all and inspire myself to continue to hope.

To whoever else happens along, may it bring encouragement.

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  1. I’m happy to find your Blog!!! there is a box here that will notify me of new posts via email

    February 5, 2012
  2. Vida Mercer #

    Are you still active on this blog? I was very glad to find you. I love your Thomas Jefferson post.

    July 20, 2019

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