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Life is a battle…

…even in suburbia, USA.

Every day there is a war going on inside the minds and hearts of all of us – a war between hope and despair, faith and cynicism, love and fear.

Will we believe that the world can be better? That we can be better? That we can be the best version of ourselves instead of the worst?

For me, the tide can turn very quickly, even before I’ve realized it’s happening.

Funny. It turns out that I always seem to be exactly what I expect myself to be. If I’ve gotten an impression of myself lately that makes me believe I’m an incompetent, indecisive, flakey failure, that’s exactly what I am. I bail on plans I’ve made and procrastinate and let life just kind of run me over.

When something happens that makes me realize I am actually an extremely able, strong, resourceful and contributing entity in the world, all of a sudden, I am.

I think we don’t emphasize enough the victories and the things that are right in our lives, on neither an individual nor societal level. We angst about the things that are wrong in ourselves and the world, and set out to change them. And then when they are changed, we instantly take them for granted and and go find a new negative thing to focus on.

I do understand that it is good to be continually improving, but I think that while continuing to improve, we need to be simultaneously spending a lot more time appreciating all the things that are right…and letting ourselves be happy about them.

I know I do at least.

And I think we need to tell each other a lot more often how much we love each other, and how much we value the strengths we see in each other, and remind ourselves of all the potential we possess to be and do great and good things.

Because we become what we picture ourselves to be – as individuals and communities and countries – whether we want to or not.

And talking about our visions of the good and beautiful things we could be and do – sharing them with other people – brings them to life…makes them real and possible…breaks down the walls of cynicism and impossibility and helps Hope win the war, one battle, one day, at a time.

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  1. Love this post! Thanks for the inspiration this morning!

    May 18, 2011

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